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Greetings friend. If you are reading this, perhaps you are engaged in related work. I have continued on well beyond what is chronicled in this blog. If you would like to hear and know more, please contact me directly, since I am no longer posting regularly. Blessings!


Restoring Original Human DNA

I had asked Henry for healing work today. I thought it would mostly be a follow-up session after all the healing shifts I’ve experienced the last few days. Instead, the most powerful healing on Earth yet opened up. For real! There were some adjustments here and there around my body; a few energies still needed to be pulled out of my hips. And then we focused in on that perpetually sore spot on my back. It is mid-back, just to the right of the spine, just inside the ribs there. It has gotten worse over the past year, for some reason, and is generally painful these days when I move in certain ways.

It proved very difficult to get at the energy locked in there. Henry tried a bunch of different ways, from adjustment through the front, through the back, even holding and swinging me back and forth, all to no avail. Well, I am sure that helped, but it didn’t root it out. And I did what I could too. (This is the best kind of bodywork, where healer and recipient are both tuned in to the body, and working jointly yet distinctly together. Sometimes we will be working on the same place, sometimes different places, but they will be connected, and one will open the way for the other.) I knew I needed a lot of pressure on a particular spot, and kept trying to do it with my hand. But I couldn’t get enough pressure on the table. So I moved to the floor. Eventually Henry had to apply pressure, and I would occasionally direct him to the exact spot. (And he just kept working intuitively).

It was an unbelievable workout for both of us—twisting, flipping, trying every possible position to get at that energy. It was a fierce, all-out fight against some very dark energy, not the easier grateful release of energy that sometimes I have done lately. Finally we began to get to it. I knew we’d reached it when I felt a big emotional release, and started crying hard. I had to work internally on my own for a few minutes here, to get to the root issue behind this. I got in dialogue with some kind of dark entity. I never saw it clearly or got a name. We were in a battle for awhile, because it asserted I had given it power over me, and that its power stood. I began to sense that this had entered me when I got married. They had run a “routine” DNA/RNA(?) blood test on me, and what had allowed the energy in was that I signed a paper authorizing the test. Signatures are powerful, and so often—especially in the medical system—the doctors carrying out procedures have no clue what forces are controlling them, working through them, energetically. I would say that the medical system, with its complete blindness to spirit/energy and physically invasive practices, has been the chief vehicle in modern times for disseminating dark/control programming in the culture.

This fight was to reclaim my DNA! Coming into Earth, born through a physical womb, had imprinted on me the “highjacked” DNA that humans currently carry. Our original DNA was practically destroyed–reprogrammed to suit the agendas of those enslaving planet Earth. They reprogrammed our DNA so that we would reproduce the existing structure rather than constantly evolve and create out of our full empowerment. One of the chief functions of the altered DNA was to create the reproductive/sexual system as we know it. It is a perversion of how our energy is supposed to flow.

Back to my story. When I got married, I both willingly/consciously-as-an-adult signed myself into that system of power-over, as well as signing away my right to my original DNA, through that trick test. It was at that point that this programming/entity really stepped into my field and took control. It makes sense: as a child born into this system, I had not really given my personal consent to it. But as a post-puberty (puberty=coming into my own power) adult, I actually chose to hand over my power to these systems. No wonder that with pregnancy and marriage I felt like an important part of me died. (Turns out only to have been in hibernation, though, thank goddess!)

So, I engaged this entity in dialogue, asserting as usual that it had no power over me. It countered strongly, showing the signature etc. I rarely have to fight like this to claim my power; this was unusual, a new ballgame for me, so I didn’t entirely know how it would turn out, though I knew I would never give up. Finally, I had to take the matter to a higher court in the universe, to resolve this question. I think because it had to do with interpretation of a universal law—not something either the entity or I as an individual could mess with.

A court scene unfolded, rather quickly because outside of time. Here is what happened. We each made our case. The ruling was that I was to be freed. The reasoning: (1) Even though I had signed my power over to this entity, I had done that under the purposeful falsification perpetuated by this entity and its system. It had me under its control when I made that decision, and so I made the decision based on lies/delusions that they had purposefully set in place. It makes a difference that they did this purposefully, because that meant it amounted to enslavement. They kept me from seeing clearly on purpose. So it was not a choice made out of free will.

(2) A second point/reason came into play here also. This decision might have gone a different direction had the universe (including Earth) been at an earlier point in its evolution. For the past age, enslavement has been permitted in the universe. The biggest shift–and this is at the level of universal law—coming into this new age is that there will be no more enslavement (power-over) allowed in the entire created order, not just on Earth. This shift is one of my deepest purposes in coming to the planet in this lifetime—to help end enslavement in the universe and on the planet. So there is no accident in me being the test-case here! Creation is meant to have free will. In the past, this has meant that beings could exercise their “free will” to enslave others. I need to seek deeper understanding of how this got busted up exactly, but essentially this glitch has prevented the general exercise of free will too significantly to be allowed any longer. Probably because it is based on a false premise. Since we are all connected, truly I cannot be exercising my own free will if I enslave another.

I see: it has to do with creation, and our innate function (the function of all Source energy) as co-creators. We are meant to create; that is the direction of all energy in the universe. We are meant to have free will for the purpose of creating (=constant evolution). That is the intention. The minute someone exercises their “free will” (power) to enslave another, they head in the opposite direction of creation: they prevent another being from creating. And in blocking another from creating, they block themselves as well. All those exercising power-over can do is to destroy. You cannot create if you are standing on the platform of power-over, you can only destroy. We might as well say that “power-over” intention is the intention to “uncreate,” the intention to block creation from its natural course.

This should not be mixed up with the balancing forces of order and chaos. Those are merely strategies for creation, both useful depending on the circumstance and what is needed. No, this is more like matter and anti-matter, life and anti-life. Creation and un-creation. It is another way of putting the dark/light metaphor: the simple presence/reality of light destroys darkness, because darkness is not a real thing in itself. All darkness can do is block light—misrepresent, falsify, delude.

So that is why I think the universal law regarding enslavement has changed. We have come to see that life = creation. Source energy is in essence creative energy. That cannot be changed. It is just reality, and so will prevail. There is simply no point in blocking it.

Why has it taken so long for “us” to realize this? Why is the created order set up this way? Good question. Maybe I will learn that in the next phase of my work. It reminds me a bit of our (U.S) court system. Laws are made, then when a challenge to the law arises in due course, the law itself is tested by the court, and will either stand or be struck down. The laws themselves are basically a “best guess,” a “let’s-try-it-this-way” and see what happens. They are allowed to unfold naturally rather than being immediately sent to the court.

Hmm. I begin to wonder how much my understanding of all this is hampered by this “law” framework. Probably there is no mysterious dilemma at all, it is simply that my perception is still hugely limited. Damn, that really takes the bang out of detective work! Am I part of an ace, front-runner team helping change and steer the universe? Or is it simply that my perceptual framework is shifting? Don’t answer that question—I’m not ready to know.

Holy cow, that was a big old philosophical digression. Very important, but let’s get back to the story rooted in Berea, Kentucky, in this dear body.

After I worked that out in court, the dark entity was escorted away and left my system. I also commanded that any of this warped DNA I had passed on to my children would be undone, removed from their systems as well.

Then Henry whacked my back a bunch of times, on the count of 3, so that I could push the residual crud this energy had let physically settle into my body. It broke loose a bunch of crap in my lungs. There were breakthrough moments in here where I felt a free flow of breath and energy like I’d never felt before in my life.

It took a while to get every last bit of it out. Felt like a healing marathon for both of us. Then when all that cleared, I began to get in touch with a very bright essential part of myself, from which I had been separated since I first came to Earth (however many lifetimes ago). I later realized that it was my true DNA, which held my true essence. I have seen my essence energy before, in this body, and it has looked silvery white—incredibly pure and beautiful. But this essence held all the colors of the rainbow in it, like full-spectrum (and then some!) light. I saw this visually, as I often do. It was like going to an island in a faraway time, in outer space. I traveled there to the time I allowed it to separate from me, to redo it differently, to mend myself here in the “future.” (I love retroactive healing, the coolest thing in the world—shows the relativity of time: time is simply distance in space, and we can go there in spirit easily.)

Henry was still doing the body-level work here; we had finally gotten to the very very root of this issue, in my energy field. So he continued that, and I had to strive with all my being and intention: all I could do was say over and over “remember, remember, remember—this is you, this is you.” Again, I had no assurance of outcome; I wasn’t sure if I could break through (unusual in my work). I just put my whole will into it for a sustained period of time. I knew I had to convince that self that I was when I made that choice, to do otherwise. For she allowed her full essence/DNA to be split away from her, because she didn’t fully claim it as herself. There was an illusion she fell for, or a naivete/ignorance that opened the door to this great darkness/evil. I saw clearly that if she had known herself fully, as herself, this darkness never would have even approached: it wouldn’t have been able to see her, let alone lock into her. It is always so: it is our weak spots that draw darkness to us, since like attracts like. So if we are not absolutely full of light—the light of self-awareness, consciousness—then we are vulnerable. It is so, so important to know ourselves completely; if we do not, then we will be controlled/enslaved. (I hope this reality is changing for all now.)

And somehow, it worked, it happened. My intention and whole-hearted plea to remember reached her through time, enough to open her eyes. The evil approached and slid harmlessly by. And I felt her lively awareness all through me then. She has no understanding of why any part of me should be altered/messed up, because she truly has never experienced the kind of severing from one’s true essence that everyone on Earth has.

The essence of this healing is, as always, remembering who I truly am. That is all we have to do to heal. Remembering equals seeing clearly: no illusions, no obscuring darkness. It feels very hard to do. It is like in our dreams, when we cannot see—trying to force our eyes open, despite incredible (external) pressures to stay asleep, to keep our sight closed. The key is will / determination / intention, which mercifully are consciously available to every one of us.


When this true essence came back to me, that was the moment I saw that it was DNA. And in a flash I knew that Henry’s work had opened this up. Spirit has been teaching him all kinds of stuff lately about DNA and RNA, and how to heal them. (Hopefully he will make that writing available soon.) My higher self told me that Henry was on to something really big; well this is it. DNA healing is the key to all healing. Our DNA is our systemic template, or memory. We can heal all kinds of things in our bodies and energy systems, but if our system always defaults to the old template, we are basically screwed, and all our efforts will eventually be undone.

I have experienced this very concretely, and have been frustrated this week. I KNOW myself to be incredibly powerful; I know my purpose; I know I have been doing phenomenal restorative work for the planet and the universe. I have a strong and constant connection now to many higher levels of myself, yet 90% of the time, I cannot hold that remembering of who I am!! I walk around and feel like someone who has no power. (Of course, the kind of work I do is completely un-validated in this culture, so that’s half of it right there: enough to make anyone feel crazy.) Well, put all that in past tense after today’s session!

In conclusion, when I saw the incredible breakthrough Henry and I had made on this DNA issue (him bringing knowledge, and me bringing will-to-heal-at-all-costs and a body operating in a high enough vibration to actually integrate, ground in, and manifest the healing), I was stunned, and it brought me into full alert presence. I sat up, and looked into Henry’s eyes, and took both his hands, and shared what I saw. We both sat there on the floor, tired and kind of beyond stunned.

There was another step needed. (With Henry’s permission) I took both of us to the core of the Earth. And I committed out loud, and with my full intention—and asked Henry to also affirm his—that we offered this healing as a template for the entire Earth and all her beings. We would not hoard it. I gave the whole thing to the Earth. I mandated that it would be available to all who sought it. I placed the very important caveat on this and all healing, that it would be forced on no one. It will not be universally “implemented.” If people want to heal completely (DNA and all), they must choose it, they must seek it. It is a free will universe after all!! And Henry and I are here to help anyone who seeks such healing. Praise be!

May life thrive now and always

The circle is ever open, ever unbroken




A Whole Woman Is Unveiled on Planet Earth

Spirit sent me hiking up to Buzzards’ Roost on the Indian Fort trails near Berea. This place holds significant sacred energy, simply from its location on earth. I learned an interesting distinction here, that some places hold sacred energy that way, while other places may come to hold sacred energy from the intention and presence of expanded/higher vibrational beings in that place.

The birds have offered to function as my sentries/guards, so that I do not constantly have to be wary of negative energies around me. They let me know if I need to shift my course to protect my energy, etc. So an insistent and concerned robin sent me on a certain route up the hill. With the tremendous healings of this past week, I knew I was in a slightly vulnerable, higher-energy state. And I felt it walking there. Much of the way up, and even moreso down, I felt an orgasmic bliss in my body—brought forth by the sacred place, and my own expanded energy flow.

Also, finally four weeks of tremendous, record cold have just broken here. We have never had snow on the ground so long before. (See last entry!) The Earth had stepped into spring, the spell of the white witch broken, and her own bliss was flowing. This was the first day I heard spring peepers (tree frogs).

Several healing sessions this week have served to clear some residual energies (not mine) out of my chest—breasts and third chakra in particular. A few weeks ago opened up the final stages of healing for my perpetually unhappy right hip joint, where energy from sexual abuse (and the sexual programming in this culture) had lodged. I finally released ALL the sexual programming that has been wired into my system. This meant stepping into the absolute unknown in regards to how sexuality will fit into the New Earth, and existing in an expanded state. I can see clearly that every concept we have about sex and sexuality has originated from that false programming. The flow of that powerful energy is meant to be much more than we think; I have not yet been given understanding beyond this.

All this healing related to being a woman in this culture (and the damage caused by it) laid the foundation for what happened today.

I encountered few people on the trail, and those that I did clearly responded to my higher energetic state. It’s coming out of hiding, apparently. When I reached the high place called Buzzards’ Roost, I just knew what to do. As soon as I climbed up there, four turkey vultures came overhead and circled. I took off both my shirts and bared my breasts to the sky. I later understood that what I was doing was showing the entire planet, perhaps universe, that a “whole woman” was now on planet Earth. This is very significant, for the return of the (sacred) feminine heralds the new age on earth. And I have healed enough at last to hold that energy. All the programming and invasive energy that has kept me from being my whole self as a woman is gone. (There still remains some healing to do related to programming etc. that affects men and women equally.)

I felt energetically vulnerable up there, though I knew it was what I needed to do. But Spirit backed me up with help. In showing myself as a whole woman openly, I drew the attention of light and dark forces alike to that place, instantly. Many dark forces came rocketing in, but the vultures gobbled them up. None got near me. I put my shirts back on within probably a minute, the work done. The minute I did so, the vultures disappeared over the mountain, their work also done. And I headed down.

On the way down, I sealed some leaks in my left breast that were contributing to anxious thoughts. I picked up my sweater poncho where I’d tucked it behind a rock (to avoid carrying), and held it to my chest. Underneath it as I walked, my right arm cradled my breasts, acknowledging the great healing that was happening in them. I did have to clear off a little more negative energy in them, from breast-feeding. I have received a lot of information about this which is recorded elsewhere. In short, breast-feeding (and pregnancy/childbirth) is actually a perversion of the sacredness of women’s bodies. Our bodies are not meant to be split open and resources raided/depleted with pregnancy and birth. Breastfeeding treats women’s bodies as a machine, not the subtle, sacred energetic entities that our bodies are meant to be. That’s a big and no doubt controversial topic, but so important. I will have to write more on that at some point.

I love my children tremendously, and have thrown myself into mothering all these years—breastfeeding, homeschooling, the best I could offer. It has taken a toll on my spirit and body, and I am discovering why.

Lilith Cold White Energy

I have been undergoing phenomenal healing this week, and today we had a huge snowfall, so I stayed in and had a play day. I dressed up from the dress up box, and hung brightly colored fabric swaths all over my house. It is gorgeous, blazing with color now. I communicated by text with a former close friend. A super hostile energy zinged into my space through that connection, although it was just fine on the surface.

The hostile energy was from a cold-dead-white energy being, VERY powerful, which my friend had inherited from her mother and still carried. It seems to be related to people not being allowed to play, and a cold heart. I heard “cold womb”; it cuts people off from enjoying sex, except for procreation. It denies that flow of life energy, ugh. I could see that I had still had a vulnerable spot in my mid-chest area to this particular energy, which seems to usually come through women.

It was a huge energy/being to nab. And boy did this feel like an attack! (Sometimes I experience dark energies on my own healing trajectory, and it is clearly stuff I have held onto and need to release. But sometimes there is a clear attack, which indeed highlights a weak spot in my energy, but is not actually an energy I carry in my space.) I hauled the being up to the black hole: he wanted nothing to do with the love frequency, so skipped that. And I summoned all his followers to him—including many women who wouldn’t leave him. He is associated with Lilith as well, the white witch who causes eternal winter. Cold womb.

It is no coincidence this being showed up when I was bringing all the color back. While I napped after this, I saw a light turquoise blue rising up to fill my face, and pink with a shining white light core rising to my chest and expanding hugely. The womb of Isis is back.

Demise of the Old Sexuality Paradigm

This past week, I finally got to the point where I was willing to completely release the old paradigm of sexuality from my system. This happened because I became aware of the incredibly vibrant higher “New Earth” energies at play inside me. And saw that they need to transform the old completely. I can, of course, only work on healing something for the Earth if part of me is not holding on it—if I have completely separated myself from it, so as to have authority over it.

Our sexual energy paradigm has been like marriage or any societal system, that tries to control a good thing (“sexual” energy—the desire for Oneness) by putting it in chains, into a false paradigm. We don’t have to have sex to have union with Source or each other. Then what are these body parts for? I hear that we don’t need them; they are too differentiated. This was my jumping off point for energy work, so here is what followed.

I glanced at my energy field to see if the old sexuality paradigm was really gone. I saw something that looked like a black thorn still coming in near the first chakra. I began pulling it out. I could immediately tell there was a powerful dark being associated with this programming. I am inside my house today, one of the most protected places on the planet, so I simply invited it and all these energies into containment here, before me, so I could work. I summoned all related energies from the planet as well. Many thorns and vines of thorns came in. I pulled one more out of my womb area—directly related to the menstrual cycle. The menstrual cycle and reproductive programming cannot be stopped without rooting out the entire sexuality paradigm, I saw.

The black thorn energy was very strong, and I had to put strong containment around it. Then neon-green energy viruses and bugs (vectors/transportation for the programming) that transmitted this programming began to stream in. I sent those straight into a cloud of white light to be dissolved. Lots and lots came. Most of these are sexually transmitted diseases. I saw that the being behind the thorns was Thor (ha). He, like so many trying to control the planet, saw no harm in what he had done.  I simply brought him into higher understanding of why it was a problem, and the higher energies instantly consumed him.

I kept working. I saw that most of the vectors had originated from a spot in India. I went there for a closer look. And I found a cave near the source of the Ganges River, which had been the original “laboratory of the goddess.” She had deserted it long ago, the same moment when polarization set in (more on this later). I saw a sick-looking jade-green female being in there, like a ghost. Heard the name “Vicki,” and I began to see that this was related to England’s Queen Victoria.

When the British took over India, they connected the repressive male energy of Thor with the fertile, creative goddess energy (“semen of the goddess”) that was still in the cave. And these energies had a heyday—a crazy marriage of powers (pardon the pun). The result was a cementing of Thor’s power. I don’t fully understand this all historically etc., and I bet this goes back much farther than the 1800s, but what I see is that our current western paradigm of sexuality was set up here. These powers (Thor and cronies, I reckon, but also Queen Victoria and the repressed feminine. Recall that Queen Victoria was the first to give birth under general anesthesia) began to breed “bugs”—vectors that carried sexual diseases. So that the framework for sexuality would be reproduced every time people engaged in sex, and passed on at conception to babies. Viruses carry attitudes and emotional states; they modify all kinds of pathways in our systems. A key point I saw: they get their energy from the constant tension between men and women in monogamous male-female partnerships. I’d say that the framework that was created in that cave was our current concept of marriage.

That’s as much understanding as I got. In the cave, I saw the very source where these energies were maintained: it looked like white lightning held in tension between two forks of a branch—very charged. To destroy this, I took a very bright shining sword and cut through the middle of the white lightning—broke the connection—and it was done.

Next step was to figure out why the goddess had deserted her creative laboratory. That wasn’t too difficult, given my prior work. I went back to the “history exhibit” at Carter Caves State Park in the cave, that laid out the history of the sacred masculine, including the original complete split between the feminine and masculine (which caused both the sacred feminine and the sacred masculine to be lost, since they can only be in right relationship when united within a being—not separated).

Same story, only this time I got more of the background from the goddess’s side. She was in her cave creating the Earth: the Earth’s evolutionary path IS her creative work ongoing. Again, she had this unfortunate doubt in herself and her own ability to come up with good creative direction and solutions. She was “stuck” on the problem of wanting to experience her masculine and feminine sides more distinctly, objectively, not just from the subjective place of embodying both. And while lamenting this, some other very masculine-oriented beings from elsewhere in the universe (who had the goal of controlling Earth’s evolution for their own benefit) came in and proposed the solution of separating the two energies out into distinct forms, so that masculine and feminine were no longer both fully present in each body. She agreed. And that was the split that allowed the lie of polarization and opposition to flood into Earth.

There are obvious parallels here with the Garden of Eden and the tree of knowledge of good and evil (meaning the lie of separation/polarization: read related work here), and this tie-in to the Fertile Crescent geographically has incredible significance in healing the rift. In the cave of the sacred masculine, I did a whole bunch of work, but in today’s work, I actually returned to the place and time where the goddess made that decision, to redo it differently.

I brought the goddess back to her cave. She looked shining gold, very much like a woman’s form, and not particularly powerful—much less powerful than “me” in my expanded self. And I dwelt a bit on the difference. At moments I have seen myself as the goddess creating Earth, yet I am more than that. I am talking about my individual essence, and the work I have done as this distinct configuration of individual energy over many lifetimes in many bodies. I have remembered myself as Isis, and as Tiamat, and yet known myself to be more than that. Last month I remembered all the way back to the Oneness of Source, which mercifully booted the ego out of all this remembering and my work. Knowing that however “powerful” I may have seemed from Earth perspective in any lifetime, does not make me “better” than others or prove my worth. I am the same as everyone ultimately, just a particular channel for Source energy. This ego-breakthrough for me was catalyzed by being in a sort of humiliating/humbling situation with a client, and choosing to learn rather than defend myself.

So the goddess I was with in the cave is the individual essence of the Earth herself, I believe. But, I am hearing, different than Gaia. I do think perhaps I am Gaia, but is Gaia more than the Earth? [Yes, Gaia has existed as female creative force in the universe since its inception.] Why female? [Why not?] Why does it have to be differentiated? [You don’t have to stay differentiated! You can be either, all, anything!] This is interesting because it gets at the very solution to the male-female polarization that the goddess originally was stuck on there in the cave. Perfect.

So, here it is. We can hold both male and female energies within ourselves, and to be whole, we must. We’ve done this somewhat, but not in equal proportion, which is how they must be. The unequalness of their proportion has driven us to seek wholeness in another human being who embodies the “opposite” sex. And this has messed everything up. We can only know wholeness and be whole in ourselves, by understanding our Oneness with Source, with all things. This fixation on another being has completely blinded us to our true Oneness to Source, and has set up our society in an incredible dysfunctional way. It has introduced the programming of “special relationships,” which just means people we try to control energetically, so as to meet our own needs. Since enslavement in the universe has come to an end, we cannot tolerate this kind of dysfunction anymore. We must become one in ourselves; we must end the male-female polarization.

The solution is that we will hold both in equal proportion within our bodies. And we will consciously choose which energy to step fully into for any given period of our lives. And yes, we will be able to move back and forth between primarily experiencing life as female or male. Yes, it is unimaginable, but it’s a good solution. The original problem was that the goddess (ok, Source energy really) wanted to have an objective experience of the other, so there had to be some differentiation. Why? More fun.

Anyway, back to today’s narrative. . . . I simply held space for the goddess in her cave/laboratory. I returned her power to her, and told her I absolutely believed in her to figure out the solution herself. I showed her the whole picture of what happened when she gave up her authority to create to others. SHE is the one who needs to be creating, no matter how long it takes. Same for us: we should only create our own lives; if we hand that authority off to others or try to take it on for others, we will put our agenda on them, and lead them off their paths (and vice versa).

So the goddess is back in her creative lab, and all shall be right with the world! What in the world will the new sexual paradigm be? Will there be one? How excitingly unknown.

The “Twin-Flame” Implant

I must first comment on the “twin flame” idea. I do not know if twin flames are a real thing, and even moreso if they are a good thing. I tend to be very wary of any past influence that steers or exercises control on our current life, since that smacks of programming, however shiny it looks on the surface. I also increasingly believe that lifelong monogamous partnership is unhealthy, and a poor way to structure society. That said, I could not think of a better term to identify this implant. So whether the implant causes the twin flame “syndrome” or they are unrelated, please be aware that my knowledge is incomplete.

There has been a man in my life for a couple years that I have felt a very deep connection to, a oneness almost that makes it impossible for me to keep up walls around him. There was a time in which it seemed like a more significant relationship might develop, but it faded due to lack of interest in his part. This was over a year ago, and this strong sense of connection, deep longing, and attraction has persisted in me. I am a very strong person, and take responsibility for myself, so I have addressed this issue within myself more times than I can count, trying to get to the bottom of it. I figured either the relationship would amount to something that would fulfill our higher selves’ contract, or that I would lose my sense of inexplicable attraction. Until this date, neither had happened. I know that Spirit does not intend for us to suffer, which was a good red flag about the situation, though it took until today to get to the root of it.

Although I have not been able to change my emotions and spirit-level connection to him, I always have the choice of controlling my actions. So I have largely steered clear of him. Also typically, my quest to resolve this issue has taken me on a phenomenal tour of hot spots (blocked energy, dysfunctional patterns) in my space that needed work, so I’ve gotten a LOT out of it.

I’d had a recent encounter with him, and today when the left side of my neck was hurting, I sensed it was his energy pushing on my space. So I went after the energy in my neck physically, working it with my fingers, asking for help from higher beings. It hurt a lot and unearthed a huge issue for me: being devalued through many lifetimes. At last, I pulled out a huge clump of energy in the upper left neck, that reached up into the lower left brain. It looked like a crystallized mass of blue and some other rather beautiful colors, but was controlled and in essence a very dead white energy with some smurf-blue. There was a dark being behind it, of course.

I saw with some astonishment that the mass was an implant, which I will call the “twin-flame” implant. It is used on powerful women who have a call to change the world, and have accordingly been equipped with expanded/higher perception. It really messes them up. (To understand better why this issue is so charged for such women, read this post.) This implant actually creates a strong telepathic/psychic connection to another (man, at least in this case), an unrequited and unacknowledged attraction and sense of connection. It is crazy-making. I have seen this in 4 different situations now, which is what I base this generalization on. But today was the first day I saw the actual implant.

I destroyed the implant, and summoned all related energies on earth to a portal leading to the black hole I use to recycle energy, so as to clean it all up. The being behind it was surprised and didn’t want to leave. A serious amount of energy accumulated at the portal, then finally I sent it out, and felt a great wave of relief. After I finished working on my neck, it felt completely fine physically.

The question rises: how does the implant “select” someone? I suspect that it grabs onto someone with whom we actually do have a soul-contract with in this lifetime (to do some kind of work or learning together), and plugs them in. So there is some truth in the initial attraction, but the implant makes it almost impossible to relate in a healthy way, so it all but destroys the possibility of fulfilling that contract. That outcome, of course, depends on how we choose to respond. If we allow it to direct our actions and try to rope the other person in, then the other person will no doubt run as fast as they can in the other direction. If we keep responsibility for the obsession in our own field, where it should be, then perhaps the relationship in its less-intense natural form can proceed. That’s my guess. Of course, the work I have done on this has created a template that will make this healing easier for others. So getting the implant out is top priority!

Earth is Freed from the “Mother” Trap and the Extreme Temperature Cycle

All week the ground has been covered with 12” or so of snow, very unusual for Kentucky. I live in the woods, and have been concerned about having enough heat (propane-sourced). The fall of snow did some profound purification, but over the last two days the snow has gotten heavier and sodden with warmer temperatures, yet not melted, Spirit has ordered me to largely stay inside, because there are nasty energies prevailing outside. Today I got the go-ahead to go on a walk. I had to hide my hair, however! Hair strands are like antennae, and I reckon this was to keep my hair from pulling in lots of yucky energy. The lake had awful awful energy, that of death. This ice and snow cover makes life very very hard for all us Earth residents. I began to think on that as I walked.

The vision of the New Earth I have been given and am helping to create is of an Earth that is a comfortable, temperate climate, all over: there are no temperature extremes anywhere, ever. That has come to mind this week. I saw as I walked that freezing promotes death. We have imagined “life” on Earth to be inextricably linked to death—the life-death cycle that we see in seasons etc. Yet it is not meant to be so. Freezing (as well as extreme heat) actually STOPS the process of evolution and creation. After winter, the Earth has to use much of her energy to re-create, to re-produce what she already created last year, and the year before. Creation is meant to always be new: “behold, I make all things new!” Not just reproducing the old over and over again, with super-slow-moving, fairly minor variations over the eons. It is no different than women’s “reproductive” cycles. The womb is meant to create new things, not reproduce the old and familiar: that is “dark” programming.

The second prong of this work today is related to the “Mother” archetype/program. As I walked, I checked in briefly with the higher beings who inhabit Turtle Mountain, and asked WHEN things were really going to shift—when the Earth would be set free. They replied that the Earth has to do it; they are here to help, but as long as the Earth herself keeps on going along with the old control programming that enslaves her, they can do nothing. This awareness has been rising in me the last few weeks.

I saw in a flash that one way we have imprisoned the Earth is by conferring on her the title and expectation of “Mother.” I haven’t written it up yet, but the farther I go on my path and understanding, personally and with Earth healing work, I see that the whole set-up and concept of “family” has been one of the key forces of oppression and enslavement on Earth. (It extends to tribes and nations.) Family roles lock people into a framework of behavior and expectation that very few can escape. In families we take on responsibility for others that we were never meant to. We treat family members “specially,” rather than holding and acting out of equal, unconditional love for all life forms and people. We accept a spirit-binding contract with our families that often prevents us from carrying out our true purpose and work. And for many people, there is simply nothing more sacred than family. This is a slap in the face of Creation: family is a poor substitute for the true Oneness that we are all part of, as Source. The Oneness of Source has no bonds, no strings that serve to hold us from our true power and glory.

Back to today’s narrative. I looked at the planet and saw that her “arms” were bound!! That was why she could not act on her own behalf, why she kept passively taking such endless abuse from the disconnected parasites and predators on her surface, while endlessly keeping them alive from her own resources. It was very closely connected to the “Mother” archetype. Part of that archetype is endless patience (“long-suffering”) for one’s “children,” no matter what they do. A mother can never quit nurturing her children. They can take and take and take, and never give in return. So the Earth has herself been under this illusory programming!

I saw the two points I needed to work on, to free her: they were kind of like pins anchoring her shoulders. One was located in Peru (perhaps near Cusco?), the other in the Libyan desert. In my walk in the woods, I had come to a place where water was flowing, and had cleared the snow away from the ground there. I stood there, firmly placing my feet on the snow-free earth and my back against a tree.

Before or perhaps while I was working on these two points, I wondered how I would be able to get rid of the “Mother” archetype bondage for the Earth. And I saw that because I had already done that work for myself, and come free of it, it was the same as done for her! Not surprising: whenever one of us breaks through, it creates a template for all.

I began by pulling away the active dark beings who kept this reality in place. I worked on Peru first, and put up a screen so the Libya entity couldn’t see what was happening: I didn’t want it to flee or hide. The entity maintaining the Peru point was Mars. I sent him up to the black hole portal, gathered all his cronies to him, and sent them through: not too difficult. He knew the game was up; I’ve probably dealt with him before (and “won”).

I then saw that the “pin” I’d seen in the ground was actually a long, pointed cylindrical shape. It had been “pounded” in, displacing a lovely blue and gold blunt-ended pin underneath it that was Earth’s own energy there (the blue and gold energies definitely seemed related to Cusco). The invasive cylinder was black and icy-white energy. I don’t understand how all of this is connected, but I believe this cylinder was responsible for anchoring freezing temperatures and conditions on Earth, which are again not a natural part of her design. I let the blue and gold pin push the black one up and out. It was too powerful to send through the black hole, and really I don’t like to send a big chunk of energy out of Earth’s field if I can help it, because it has a destabilizing effect. So instead, I asked for what I’ve been calling 16-D energy to come and disintegrate it.

It is my understanding that Earth in her optimal natural state will have 16 dimensions, and at some point a few months ago, I finally encountered the 16th and was able to stay connected to it. The 16th dimension is beyond the level the angels exist at: they seem to occupy the first 12 dimensions, but no further. When 16-D energy disintegrates something, it looks to me like millions of colored pixels all flying around, like in Wonkavision. That parallel makes sense too, because really that energy is simply getting rearranged into a new, harmless form (much like Wonka’s chocolate bar!).

After that, I did what I could to help the place mend. The edges of the hole were kind of charred, but (if I remember correctly) the blue and gold energy fixed it right up. Sigh, I forget the rest. It’s been quite a day. When I completed that work, I was suddenly terribly weary and getting cold.

So I walked on through the woods, back toward my house. I knew I had a ways to go on the work, and it was rather depleting because BIG deal stuff. So I called on Earth and higher energies to rejuvenate me. In particular, I reached through the dense cloud cover (dead-white sky, second day in a row: no sun in sight), to pull the sun’s rays through to me. It’s usually pretty easy for me to get in contact with the energy of the sun and blue sky in this way. I was pulling it in, and was astonished to see that the sky there brightened considerable, and there actually came a moment that I saw the bright orb of the sun shining directly behind a cloud!! So no blue sky appeared, but I actually saw the sun! I have rarely had such an unmistakable direct “weather” correlation with my work.

I went on, and started on the next point, in Libya. I had to cloak myself from the being policing/creating it. It had on black and maroon red robes, and felt way more evil and smart than Mars.. I basically sent it an anonymous invitation, asking if it would like more power. This was genuine, because connecting beings with higher energies brings them much closer to wholeness, which is true power. Well, it worked, somewhat to my surprise. I don’t exactly remember, but I think I just created a gate of 16D energy for it to step through, and it was pixelated as it went.

Then, down to the surface. What I saw was a giant pin made of gold (as in the metal), just down below the surface of the desert. Its presence there had caused a very active portal over the area, with beings all the way back to the ancient Egyptians attracted to its power. Gold has phenomenal focusing/gathering power, and my prior work there showed me how they had hoarded it. (For the Earth’s own good, it is supposed to be dispersed all around the Earth, not hoarded.)  Another side effect of its presence, due to the focusing of extreme amounts of energy, was the desert! It created too much heat; the opposite of the Peru point. To heal this, a stream of beautiful green and flowery white pure growth energy came up the hole, pushing out the gold pin. Consider, that it is growing things that cool the Earth and keep land from becoming desert. So this energy was just waiting to reclaim this area. The gold pin went up, then parallel to the surface. I wondered what to do with it, sorry at the prospect at losing so much of the beautiful substance that is gold. But it needed to happen: the green energy surrounded and consumed it, dispersing its energy to all living things in the area. Oh that green energy was so incredibly joyous and happy, like spring itself.

Here I also had to deal with the portal, so I just mended that rift all the way out to the Earth’s atmosphere until it was gone, and destroyed the portal across all timelines.

Earth is reclaiming her balance: no more extremes, either of temperature or power-differential (including distribution of resources). She will only nurture those who give love to her from now on, rather than the former pathetic-mother mode of endlessly giving love only to be taken for granted, scorned and devalued. (Damn, this sounds familiar. She and I are walking side by side!)

When I finished this point and portal, I felt a huge weight lift from my shoulders (where many of us women inappropriately/codependently carry responsibility for others. I hate to say it, but Earth has been in a codependent relationship with her “children”—giving even when we didn’t ask properly and even when giving created an imbalance). Again I was almost knocked over by a wave of tiredness. I got back to my house, once again calling for energetic help rejuvenating (and got it both times).